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5 Ways To Boost Your Mood Right Now

Try these 5 tips to instantly get you out of a low mood!

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“Why you always in a mood?” Is this a phrase that your friends say to you often? Well if the answer is yes then your low mood has become evident to everyone around you. Your low energy has made people worried for you. Many times procrastination is taken as being lazy but it could be a result of something else. The very simple explanation is that happy people are more productive than unhappy people. If you have been feeling unproductive lately then it could be because of being in a low mood. It’s common to feel a bit sad sometimes but you can always try things to instantly lift your mood.

Why Does Someone Get In a Low Mood?

A lot of things can affect a person’s mood like cold weather, hormones, work pressure, fear of the future, etc. There are times when the cause behind feeling gloomy isn’t very evident. One just feels lazy and not at all active.

There is a study by that expands on “the morning mood”. It says that a person’s mood in the morning majorly impacts their whole day. The study used employees of an insurance company as their focus group. The research concluded that the employees mostly remained in the same mood in which they arrived. Also, there was a noticeable difference between the performance of happy employees and sad employees. Happy ones worked better, took fewer breaks, and were great with customers.

While this study only focused on one group, this difference can be seen everywhere in the world. It is very prominent in happy students and worried students. The latter ones don’t pay much attention in class and even make more mistakes in exams.


Five Ways To Boost Your Mood

If you start feeling that negative emotions are creeping in resist being fully consumed by them by trying these tips:

1. Be More Mindful of the Present

Oftentimes, the sad mood becomes much darker once you start thinking about the past or future. Both of these times don’t exist in real-time. The past has already happened and the future is something that one has no control over. Getting tangled in one’s own head can mess with your bad mood even further. To counter that you have to live in the present. You have to be conscious of the things that are good in your life at the moment. To be fully present, you can also try yoga or meditation to keep yourself calm and stress-free in your free time.

2. Listen To Music

For most people, music works just as well as therapy. It could be the melody or the lyrics that work great for their mood. However, if you are in a bad mood it is highly recommended to listen to happy songs. Listening to only sad songs can make your mood even duller which won’t help you. Blast some upbeat songs at high volume and even try to do some dancing, which will help with the endorphins (the hormone which is responsible for happiness).

3. Talk to People

One of the biggest downsides of a bad mood is, it can make a person feel very lonely. The nagging feeling of sadness can become a burden on your soul if not given due attention. Sometimes talking to someone can help you clear your own mind. It saves you from self-doubt and helps you gain confidence. There are two possible outcomes of talking to someone about your problems; they will either present a good solution or you will just vent your pent-up frustration. The result of both outcomes will be the same, that is you’ll feel relaxed.

4. Get a Massage

A big sign of stress-induced bad mood is extremely tense muscles. If you feel stiff in the muscles situated at the back of your neck and shoulders then it is a cause for concern. The best solution would be to get a massage so your body will feel more relaxed. This will loosen up the tension and as a result, you will also feel more at ease mentally. If going to a masseuse isn’t feasible for you then you can always do a warm compress by yourself. It will also help you relax.

5. Laugh Out Loud

We are a generation who writes “LOL” on text with the most deadpan expression possible. To boost your mood writing LOL won’t cut it you’d actually have to do it in real life. For this, you can watch classic comedy movies, funny TikToks, or standup specials. You can pick whatever works for you. This will divert your attention and even make you laugh. Whenever you do feel like laughing do it with more enthusiasm so you’ll start feeling better sooner.


Bonus Way To Boost Your Mood

A lot of the time changing the mood only takes a diversion of attention. The more you ponder on the fact that you are feeling sad the more you’ll go down the rabbit hole of all things negative. The quicker you’ll focus on doing something which will make you think less the better you will be.

When a person feels low they don’t want to do anything, well that’s exactly what they are supposed to do. Many people have said that doing makeup directly affects their mood. It is because when one looks the mood also instantly brightens up. If you do makeup from a brand that’s clean, vegan, and cruelty-free then you will feel even much better as your conscience will be clear. Try and feel good as they are made from all the . If you are not very good at makeup then you can always try following a step-by-step tutorial on YouTube. This way you’ll gain an amazing new skill which will help you in looking great always.


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